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Learn how to use Unite Gallery for Joomla.

Creating a new gallery:

  1. Go the Component Tab
  2. Select Unite Gallery
  3. Click the create new gallery button
  4. Choose a theme from the dialog popup

Note: Once you select a theme you will not be able to change the theme in the future.

Adding Items to Unite Gallery:

Once you have created a new gallery and selected a theme you can now start adding items to your gallery. To get to the item manager click on the items tab.

The items are grouped by categories and each gallery can have only one category. At any time you can you can change the category of the gallery and add new categories. To add a category click on the add button on the left side of the screen. This will automatically add a category to the category list. The gallery will show images only from the selected category. To assign your gallery to a category simply click on the category name on the left side. There is no need to save, the component has an auto save feature once you click on a new category.

To add items to a category make sure the category u want to add images to is selected on the left and click the add images button.

Adding shortcodes to articles and custom modules.

Wherever you want to render a gallery in an article, you can use this shortcode: